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11/17/22 Malaga Spain

View of beach from the balcony of our new home

Greetings from beautiful Malaga Spain and the Costa del Sol, coast of the sun. After a very wet four hour trip (it poured for most of the time) across the SW portion of Spain, we arrived in Malaga, our new home for the next two weeks.

The scenery on the drive was spectacular, only wish it didn’t rain.
Abandoned castle. Think of the stories here.
We must have passed well over a million olive trees, and dozens of olive oil Coops in full production
Ok, easy check in in the new Airbnb and safe, underground parking for the trusty Peugeot. Malaga is a large city, over 600k and a vacation destination for England, France and Scandinavian folks and home to a large Ex Pat colony of Brits. It’s like the European Mexico 😜
Up and at ‘um, we needed to get to the market, we’re low on food. We are very centrally located and walk past the Parque de Malaga, one of the largest tropical parks in Europe. It’s spectacularly built as is Malaga.
The walkways in the park and in Malaga are very wide allowing big groups with no issues.
The park was built in 1900 and has statues of famous Malagans. Picasso was born here and the Picasso museum is located here.
Looks like it’s never winter here
The central district is beautiful with large trees overhanging the road and walkways
Ok, Mercado Central de Atarazanas. Beautiful building, full of vendors and Tapas spots😎
Cadiz’s market was mainly seafood, but everything is represented here.
Mediterranean spices and food offerings.
Fresh spices
All those Brits, got to have cockles.
Produce here is outstanding, it’s always summer.
This is flavored lard. Would you like sausage or pork flavored lard?
No disrespect to our Spanish friends, but they’re not the best baker’s in the world 🧐 However, the bakeries here are much better than other parts of Spain. Must be French folks influence 👍
Sunrise from our balcony. Walking tour today says Tour guide Cindy.

Adios Amigos!


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