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10/30/22-11/02/22 Logrono Spain

Concatedral de Santa Maria de La Redonda

Greetings from beautiful Logrono, Spain!

Easy six hour drive through France, skirting the beautiful Pyrenees mountains and then into Spain. Up and over the Pyrenees through the beautiful Basque Pyrenees mountains.

Basque Pyrenees, not my photo

Beautiful green countryside and then down into the valley of La Rioja. Very dry and brown in the valley, but full of vineyards and olive trees

Winery Bodegas Vina Ijalba

Ok, arriving in Logrono

Streets Centro Historico where we are staying, Logrono

We found Logrono through an article in the WSJ about hidden wine areas. We were so lucky to do so. Easy check in with a wonderful Spanish couple who helped us park the trusty Peugeot safe underground.

View from our balcony at our Airbnb 😜

Wow, score! Wonderful apartment, newly remodeled and opens to Plaza del Mercado ✔️

When we booked our stay here we knew it was Halloween weekend but didn’t know the Spanish have a three day holiday party here. Halloween, All Saints Day, then The Day of the Dead

Cemetery in Logrono, we walked by it twice , hundreds and hundreds paying respect to their families. The flowers were overwhelmingly beautiful 🙏🏻

Ok, let’s take a quick walking tour.

Logrono at night

Logrono is about 200k in population and is the capital of the La Rioja district. It has the usual European history, war, conquest, Romans, crusaders and trade. The main business now is wine and tourists (mainly Spanish tourists)

Route of the famous El Camino de Santiago

The El Camino de Santiago is a famous walking route from medieval times still used, both for hiking enjoyment and faith. Bicyclists also use the trail. I prefer the trusty Peugeot 😜

Statue honoring walkers

The food scene here is quite interesting. Several interesting factors

Tapas bar, hundreds of them.

Tapas bars are interesting, they are open from 12:00 till 2:30ish than siesta and then they reopen at 8:00 till 12:00 or so!

Logrono has whole alleys that are lined with Tapas bars, with the holidays they were packed.
Tapas bar outside the alleys, much quieter
You can see the food in the back, you just order a drink and pick out your snack. This is fried calamari, delicious.
The Spanish love tapas and chitchat for hours inside and outside with beer, wine and tapas, quite lively. The Spanish also enjoy the same types of bars we saw in Italy, coffee and snacks AM , lunch, than drinks in the evenings. They specialize in Pinches, small sandwiches on crusty bread with ham , cheese and sardines 😳

The Spanish culture is very late nights. Dinner at restaurants start at 8:00 and runs till 12:00

Ok, let’s get to the vino

Tasting room after our tour

The La Rioja valley is a very popular Spanish wine producing area. The valley is located between two mountain ranges, so it’s protected from the ocean air and valley heat. The results are a delicious white and red wine that is incredibly smooth.

Barrel room, Bodegas Vina Ijalba

Unfortunately, with the holidays, the winery’s we wanted to visit were either full or closed. We were lucky enough to visit one.

Fantastic wines at great prices, €10-€13 per bottle. Hope we have room in the Peugeot 🍷
View from our balcony

We really, really enjoyed our visit to Logrono. Unfortunately, with the holiday it slowed some things down, but provided some interesting entertainment on Halloween 😜

Off to Salamanca, Spain today, a five hour drive. Going to try and stop by Haro on the way for wine tasting. It was on the list, but was closed on All Saints Day.

FYI, we pounded out 42,000 steps the last two days 😅

Adios Amigos😎


10 responses to “10/30/22-11/02/22 Logrono Spain”

  1. Love the blog.. keep them coming👍❤️

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    1. Sitting in a park in Haro eating lunch ✔️

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      1. Bodega Muga👍💕

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    2. Another great report!! I love Lograno and haven’t and probably never will see it!
      Great street photos and the wine looks awesome!


      1. Thanks! The wine was fantastic


  2. Love all the pictures and the blog. It’s so awesome you are doing this and sharing with us . Thanks 😊


    1. Your more than welcome 👍😎


  3. Amazing and beautiful! And what a treat to see all the wonderful little treasures you guys find in each city your in!


    1. That’s tour guide Cindy, I’m just in charge of food and beverage 😎


  4. Deborah Robbins Avatar
    Deborah Robbins

    Love the blog, pictures and stories. Keep them coming !


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