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10/24/22 S. Margherita Ligure and Portofino Italy

Greetings from beautiful Moneglia Italy. We’ve been lucky and avoided most of the rain in the area and enjoyed a wonderful day off yesterday. Last night tour guide Cindy says to me, ok off we go tomorrow. Train trip, bus trip, walking tour 😎

Moneglia from top of the hill! You didn’t think Cindy would sit around all day Sunday did ya😜

Easy train ride to S. Margherita Ligure

S. Margarita Ligure is a large city with a huge harbor, mostly pleasure boats, a few fishing boats and ferries (closed for the season and weather)
Another beach town, basically closed for the season
Of course there’s a castle

But the real reason we’re here is to go to Portofino! This is it, the Beverly Hills of the Italian Rivera. We ride the short trip on the bus, very tight road.

Tight windy road, unbelievably beautiful with villas way, way over €50 million. Yes, this is the riches playground.
Bus drops us off, into the city we go.
FYI, plate of pasta here is €30, fresh fish of the day €60. I’m a focaccia guy myself
My kind of beauty
This is it, a beautiful city
Spotless clean city
Of course, they have a castle
Patio life from the villa
Ok, let’s head for the bus, back to the train station and home
Ok, that’s enough for today, visiting Corniglia, the last of the Cinque Terre for tomorrow.

Ciao, Ciao, Ciao 👍😎


4 responses to “10/24/22 S. Margherita Ligure and Portofino Italy”

  1. Absolutely beautiful!


  2. Wow!! (Another reminder of how young the US is!) And unbelievably gorgeous scenery!


  3. Stunning!! The building architecture and colors against the backdrop. . .breathtaking!!


  4. Deborah Robbins Avatar
    Deborah Robbins

    Beautiful scenery! Have fun and be safe !


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